Order Picker OPX-L 20

Thrillingly dynamic

  • Shorter picking routes to pallets to enhance picking performance and ensure back-friendly picking thanks to the special vehicle design
  • High driving dynamics in curves with an optimised centre of gravity
  • Optional raisable driver's station for order picking in the first level
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What do you do when the first pallet is fully loaded? With the OPX-L 20 you simply switch round to the second pallet on board and carry on picking, always on the shortest route to the next pallet. This is how it works: You load the picker with two empty pallets. One pallet is folded vertically upwards on the back of the fork and then the second is placed next to it. You can now start loading the horizontal pallet. After that work is done, the fully loaded pallet is simply lowered and the vehicle moved forward until the pallet reaches the fork tips.

The pallet on the back of the fork is now folded down onto the free part of the fork and work continues. Comfortable, back-friendly order picking of up to 2,000 kg at variable working heights of up to 891 mm. Thanks to the vehicle’s high driving stability, based on the low centre of gravity, the goods can be quickly brought to their destination even on curvy routes.

The OPX-L 20 in detail

Simply easy

  • High driving comfort due to height-adjustable, electric steering wheel with automatic neutral position
  • Less need for training thanks to intuitive display and control unit
  • Freedom of movement on the wide operator’s platform with optional extra narrow backrest
  • Maximum energy savings with the ECO driving program
  • iGo neo vehicles drive, steer, accelerate and brake independently and follow their operator at every turn

Simply safe

  • Fatigue-free mounting and dismounting via the low vehicle entrance
  • Excellent visibility thanks to LED daytime running light, Safety Light and Safety Light 4Plus
  • Increased safety when cornering with Curve Speed Control and Dynamic Drive Control
  • Less wear on the forks due to speed reduction with lowered forks
  • iGo neo offers maximum safety for people in the warehouse environment thanks to a unique and multi-level safety concept
  • Minimisation of impact damage even when the OPX iGo neo is driven manually

Simply connected

  • Operator management, shock detection and access protection with FleetManager 4.x 
  • Early detection of a flat battery with the LED daytime running light Plus 
  • Integration into customer processes via automation interface and MMS preparation 
  • iGo neo: safe and reliable operator recognition thanks to the hybrid tracking system, even during Z-picking

Simply powerful

  • High handling performance thanks to a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg
  • Powerful, reliable and low-maintenance 3-kW three-phase AC traction motor
  • Fast goods handling through powerful acceleration and a travel speed of up to 14 km/h
  • Cornering stability and optimum traction with the optional 5-wheel chassis
  • iGo neo: up to 75 % less mounting and dismounting to relieve the operator; picking performance is significantly increased compared to conventional picking

Simply flexible

  • High picking performance without mounting and dismounting thanks to pedestrian operation
  • Fast order picking on the first level with fold-down step and raisable operator’s platform
  • Prevention of back pain with optional air-cushioned driver’s stand and folding seat
  • Flexible use of in-house batteries with the tray for batteries by other manufacturers
  • OPX and OPX iGo neo as basic vehicles available in different variants according to the individual picking requirements

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Model Overview

Maximum capacity (kg)
Maximum lift height (mm)
Travel speed (km/h)
Battery voltage (V)
OPX-L 20 / Li-Ion 2.000 800 12 24

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